Our keepsake birth plate commemorates the special day with the baby's name, date & time of birth, birth weight, and location

  • No additional administrative time needed. We do it all.
  • Under $20 cost per patient.
  • Encourages a long lasting bond with the patient.
  • A gift program tested and proven by other physicians for over 30 years.

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What past recipients have to say

This gift is extremely special! How thoughtful, unique, and so specialized just for Novalee! You all had already left a deep impression with me through my prenatal visits and delivery, but giving such a beautiful gift as this is truly going an extra mile or two! Thank you so much! You all are truly a wonderful practice!


Thank you for the personalized plate. Having such a personal gift was very thoughtful and kind. When we first looked at this gift, it reminded us of our first time seeing our son and finding out just how much he weighed. We are very thankful for your thoughtful and loving staff to walk along side of our pregnancy with us. With such a positive experience, we will continue our future (children) pregnancies with your office. Thank you so much for all the services and especially this gift.


Your gift selection is very thoughtful and a wonderful keepsake. I plan on putting it on my son's shelf in his nursery. Every time I look at it, I will remember the amazing birth I experienced with my midwife by my side. This gift made us feel special, not like just another patient, but someone unique and special. To think of the mom and baby in this way means a lot. Thank You!


Thank you so much for the gift! Such a fun way to surprise a new mom! I was overtaken by your generosity and kindness of giving. I have two older kids that I had at a different hospital and never received anything like this! Such a wonderful surprise! Thanks again!


We were greatly surprised by the keepsake plate commemorating our sweet Chloe's birth. It is a beautiful gift that will have a special place in our home forever... The plate shows us even more so just how much each of you loves your job and care about your patients. Again, thank you so much for the beautiful plate.


Thank you for the plate and all the memories that it holds. Your service has been exceptional throughout the entire process. Thank you again for this plate. You did not have to, but you did.